Re: Cornell vs. BET lab results for Insulin now UPDATE


Dr. Kellon,

Crackers’ most recent October blood tests show a great improvement in insulin.  Insulin dropped from 44 uIU/mL to 27.72.  The insulin in two tests last September and November were both over 200 uIU/mL. Nothing in his management has changed since discontinuing Metformin and adding WIRX to his feeding regimen this past January when his Insulin was 671.60 uIU/mL. He has been fed the same soaked Orchard Hay for the entire testing time between the end of 2018 and last week.  He has just started being fed a new tested and balanced batch of Orchard Hay this week.  What reasons would I have to doubt the efficacy of WIRX?

The IR calculator has not budged on the Uncompensated IR result but I am jumping for joy with these numbers. I will test again in January.  I don’t believe he has ever had all the numbers low at one time.  All tests results are updated in my case history.

July 2011, Goldendale, WA
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