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Hi Tracy - Not Dr. K...but Relevante weighs approximately 890 lbs. I give him in 1 tsp in his a.m. supplement baggy and 1 tsp. in his p.m. supplement baggy. I have given it everyday since we started it.  Pertaining to my dosage..Dr. Kellon said...

"You're within the reported dosages for even concentrated Ashwangandha extracts so no concerns there! It is rather unique among the adaptogens in having a calming/anti-anxiety effect." 

Hope this helps. I have found it works better than anything else that I've tried.  Because he has been in such a bubble ...he would experience some anxiety/nervousness - we've been experiencing wind with the fall weather, sounds you name it. The incident where I really noticed a change is the first time a month ago that he got a bath with his new Insta Hot Bath System.  the components are blindingly white - the barn owner asked me to assemble it near where she was bringing the horses into the barn from the fields. None of them would go near it and were freaking out. When I took Relevante out there - he was certainly interested and giving it a good stare but I "introduced" him to him to touch it and he was fine. I was even able to bathe his face (of course keeping water out of his ears/eyes) and his unmentionables with very little fuss. He did really well.
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