FREE FECAL WATER SYNDROME - also WAS: Dr. K Blog On Hay Belly - Could Relevante Have This?


Hi Dr. Kellon, 
Is there a link to the Blog On Hay Belly? My IR broodmare looks pregnant year round and gets wormed, teeth etc. regularly. After her 2nd foal I asked my repro vet about the look of her belly and he said "she is a broodmare" end of conversation. Her hay has always been weighed - it is mature hay which is a little stemy and also tolerates morning pasture with a muzzle, Triple Crown Timothy Balancer cubes with Triple Crown Lite, Vit E, mag ox from Uckele, kelp with iodine, flax & salt. This year she lost a lot of weight after foaling. She usually loses some but I have NEVER been able to see her ribs like I do now and her hip bones & spine are very noticeable. I can always tell when she has eaten something or is off in her diet as she immediately gets fat pads or her eye sockets fill. I have added beet pulp to her diet, doubled her flax, let her eat unlimited hay and have pasture without the muzzle and she did not gain any weight. She still has a "pregnant" look belly. The foal just turned 5 months old and while I usually weight to 6 to wean, I may do her sooner. I have not posted in a long time or even had her tested for anything as things have been going smoothly with her current diet. She is 19. I also just saw your article on Free Fecal Water on the UCKELE sight. I think this is something she has!!!! She is a grey horse and our daily routine is to wash her backside, in between and all the way down her legs. She has a huge scar by her vulva which happened when she was young so I always thought she just stood funny when she went causing her to soil herself. What should I be doing? Should I try Psyllium? Her foal also has loose stools but I had been thinking it was because she has been eating a lot of leaves or anything that blows in the pasture. My other vet is coming next week should I have any testing done?

Thank you!
Dawn & Roma
Middletown, DE
August 2011

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