Re: Question About Pergolide In A Treat


I just went through this again with Juniper. I have exhausted every means of getting a Prascend tablet in her, some of which resulted in continuing to refuse the treat, or food that no longer has a pill in it.  So I am syringing it in with water. She is doing fine with that. If anyone finds they need to syringe it in, but are concerned about the time it takes, I found that tablets dissolve in warm water in the syringe in less than sixty seconds.  She is good about syringing in , so it takes another ten seconds to syringe in the warm water. It's not like a paste wormer or medication that is slow to come out of the tube and they have to try to swallow thick paste. 
Dawn Wagstaff and Tipperary   

Saline, MI  2003

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