Compensated IR - Treatments? Vaccinations?



I am new and am looking for some guidance. This is my first time dealing with laminitis and first time with IR. 

I have read up on IR but there does not seem to be a lot of information on compensated IR. From my understanding compensated IR is just that there is a lower number for insulin than in regular IR(?) but I have not seen anything about if there is a difference in how IR and compensated IR are treated.

My horse is compensated IR and is mildly laminitic right now. He gets 1/2lb of Triple Crown Lite twice daily and Timothy hay through a slow feeder net, is up in a stall with dry run attached 24/7 with therapeutic boots on his fronts. My vet has told me that he is already on the right path with these things. I have his case history uploaded for more information.

Is compensated IR treated differently from IR or are they just both treated the same?

In the files it reads for IR horses "VACCINATIONS should be discussed with your veterinarian to assess risks of the actual diseases in your area and in your particular situation. When given, only give one at a time, spacing them out 2-3 weeks apart. A number of these horses seem very sensitive to vaccinations."
My horse is due for his yearly vaccinations this December and has never had a problem with receiving vaccines previously. His IR diagnosis was recently made in November. I am wondering if it will be ok for him to get his annual vaccinations done this December?

Thank you!

Kinsey in GA 2020

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