Re: Compensated IR - Treatments? Vaccinations?


To answer some of your questions:

  • HAY: I will see about getting an analysis done. Although, I am not sure how often the barn owner will be getting new sets of bales as she does not store a lot (there are only 2 horses currently at the barn). Will that mean it will need to be analyzed with each new batch? Also from my understanding ECIR suggests test #603 from Equi Analytical? I am trying to budget with the finances so would it be beneficial to to test the hay even if the batch changes?

  • NEW BARN: I moved Bucky to the new barn November 15th. We have already fully transitioned him to the new hay which is Timothy, the hay he was getting at the previous barn was Fescue. The pasture is probably about the same size, although the grass at the new one is not struggling as much as the old barn's. He has been completely off grass since Saturday the 21st.

  • BLOODWORK: I will look into getting his actual results and post soon. It's really frustrating that I am going to have to get another round of BW done because my vet told me to fast, that is a large chunk of money!

  • SUPPLEMENTS: For the supplements is ground flax okay? I bought some from Whole Foods today. Regular table salt - iodized or not, or does it matter? Also do both these things need to be added slowly? As for the vitamin E, what brand etc is recommended? I'll remove the Himalayan salt block. I ordered Jiaogulan from Uckele - I should wait until I am sure he is done with the laminitic episode to administer?


  • ACTIVE LAMINITIS? To be quite honest, I don't know if he is still actively laminitic or not. How can I tell and be sure? He has been on Bute for close to a month now so I am wondering if that could be masking symptoms making it difficult to tell (we are tapering it now and will be off by Monday since he has only be getting 1g/day)? He is fine walking in his Cloud boots and walks well with no boots as long as it is on soft ground. He does not have any heat in his feet currently but the digital pulse is present. When I first moved him to the new barn his digital pulse was very faint which is why I allowed him back on grass for 2 hours max each day but obviously that was not correct. The only symptoms that he has displayed are the digital pulse, heat in feet, and walking like he is on eggshells/tender-footed.

Thank you so much for everyone's help!

Kinsey in GA 2020

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