Re: Hay confusion

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Donna,

Which cut it is doesn't tell you anything regarding vit/mineral content and ESC+starch. It's the fertilizing,growing conditions and timing of the cutting that have the major impact on how the hay turns out. Need to test to actually know what you have. I have tested 2nd cut hay for 15+ years now and only once has the ESC+starch been an issue as it came in at about 12%, which is higher than acceptable for an IR horse but certainly not "very high" in sugar.

I only see one full analysis - for the 2nd cut hay - in your album. The other analysis is only the moisture content and iron. The iron content in that sample is very high, so I'd pass on it anyway.

The full analysis was done by NIR testing, which isn't as accurate as wet chem but the ESC+starch is 5.7% - which is really nice. Even if the actual is higher, it is still likely to be within safe levels. Iron and manganese are high so it would need significant amounts of copper+zinc to balance. Shaking/rinsing (not soaking) the hay would likely lower that amount but you would then need to retest a rinsed  sample to see what the actual result is plus commit to shaking/rinsing all of it before feeding.

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