Re: Hay confusion


Yes going in to PA  I’d have to quarantine 2 weeks in PA unless I had a neg test result in hand, and so would my husband, which we cannot do right now. This was the new advisory as of 11/25. Hubby doesn’t want to risk the  $10,000
fine, though  for good hay I probably would😉. 

Lavinia I’m so sorry that you took the time to look at the analysis but neither one is the right test. The second cut one is something that had been deleted.....not sure why it’s there, and the other doesn’t even look familiar. UGH. But what you are saying at least matches my experiences.....every time I check a batch of second cut it’s fine (for s/s). But the hay sellers always try to discourage me from buying. I didn’t want to argue with this woman, but last time I inquired about her low sugar hay she told me the reason it’s low sugar is because the dry it longer so it’s less green. 
I’ll try to find another way to post each, and if I can’t I’ll just type it out.

Donna and Caz


Nov 8, 2016

Chesterfield, NJ

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