Laminitis and seedy toes

Bobbie Day

Dr.K or Lavinia I hope you’ll have time to reply. When Desi had her episode a few months back we had her feet blocked by the vet to rule out (another episode). At the time I was convinced her lameness was due to a rub and her severe arthritis. But, trimming her yesterday ( I’ll post pictures) her toe on her left side had some visible blood and to my eye seems like she’s gotten another bulge on that foot. I’m starting to think she had another laminitis episode in the past month or two. She is turning ok but she’s reluctant to walk much, she does but very slowly. She just does not act herself. I’ll be adding those photos soon if you could take a look? Her last blood pulls were good, nothings changed in her diet and I did not get her vaccines last year. 

im wondering though how long does it take to grow that hoof out to return to normal without the bulge? It’s been two years since her first bout and she still has a slight bulge in her right foot, will they return to normal if the trim is right? My other horse with the abscess a couple months ago is almost all grown out, I’m just curious.
Thank you as always 
Bobbie and Desi
NRC March 2020
Utah, Nov 2018

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