Thanks on all recent posts .

Tara Smith

For some reason some did not show as sent on my end so I OVER SENT!!!We are on vt.blend a little bit of Etec carb safe ,salt ,E ,chia little bit ,big boys get J herb  .All 3 of my four horses are cushings but she is now under suspect because shes a chubby girl .everyone is on the same diet because gavi is so metabolic with both IR /cushings .Ny friend just dropped some psyllium today!I know E tec has some pro bios and vt blend has prebios .In a pinch can we use a gas x on our horses or daily ?I would like to look into recommendations but gavilon is so metabolic A crumb throws him off.He is also on ivonkana/pracend.Thank you for always offering wonderful suggestions!
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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