Re: Safe Canadian supplement for a picky boy?


A large % of horses do not like WET feed. I found this to be the case with my (now deceased) IR horse. I learned by trial and error that you do not need to use a lot of water for the Timothy cubes or the Soyhull pellets. Use a BIG bucket  that has a tight fitting lid, put the cubes into the bucket and add HOT water. Pour the water over the cubes and do not completely cover the cubes. The water line should be maybe an inch lower than the top of the cubes. Stir the cubes/water briefly and put the lid onto the bucket. Let it sit INDOORS until the next meal. When you take the lid off you will find that the cubes have expanded from the hot water and steam and the hay cubes are not soggy. This works the same for the soyhull pellets but you only need a small amount of water on the pellets. Again either stir or shake the bucket with the lid on and let it sit until the next feeding. In the AM you prep the evening feed, in the PM you prep the AM feed. I also found my horse liked Brewers Yeast quite a bit and that is safe to feed.
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