Re: Thanks on all recent posts .

Tara Smith

-- Hi ,This gassy colic comes on transiently with her .Not with my other 3 .We are are on all tested first ,and second cut hay blend,there is a bit of fescue in some of the first cut .It comes from a horse blend and planted by crop production.I try and pi k it out but maybe that is an issue ,IDK!She eats hay every 3 hrs or so and has a slow feeder overnight with her brother .They need to be dewormed now they have a 15 load on strongyles bit vet said wait a week now.They are 24/7 turn out on dirt and pea stone uuugh so I  dnt know .Gonna add a little psyllium powder today ...just not sure !
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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