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I have a friend who is a Morgan breeder who just went through a full month of major issues with her herd , including foals, develop diarrhea and mild colic symptoms.8 total.  She had her vet out who did fecals for not just worms, but salmonella, etc. Negative. She sent her hay in to be tested, all parameters were normal with it, ESC and Starch below 10%. She and vet notified Cargill's representative, that the feed she was using possibly was contaminated. She was feeding Pro Elite Grass Balancer mixed into bags of Nutrena Safe Choice. Cargill's rep offered to replace bags and said they would test the feed, but would not release results of testing to her.  She ended up keeping her own samples of the feed and sending it off to Equi Analytical for nutrient/ingredient testing and the full panel of mycotoxin testing. 
Once the horses were off the feed, all slowly resumed having normal manure , appetites , and comfort levels.  The Equi Analytical tests showed that although the mycotoxins were not present, there was an elevated level of yeast in the sample. It was something like 10 times the amount stated on the bag.  Cargill felt it was no big deal( i'm paraphrasing) and then called her and said they noticed the bags were 120 days out from production and they were going to instruct feed stores not to sell feed that far from manufacture. ( She's not buying their story, but there isn't much else she can do. She's moved on to another feed manufacturer) . A week later, another vet in her vets practice called her to confirm her test results, etc. because he had been called out to a farm where multiple horses had developed diarrhea and they were also feeding Pro Elite Balancer. Purchased from the same feed store. 

The feed store has told my friend they have pulled all Pro Elite and are reluctant to sell any new deliveries because there were additional cases they heard about directly from owners.

Now I read here about a mare developing diarrhea and weight loss while on Pro Elite Balancer.  Dawn, if I were you, I would not put this mare back on Pro Elite. There is some kind of issue with it. My friends' vets believe their is either an issue with the yeast additive in the feed or in Cargill's processes which are resulting in some kind of fermentation of product which is causing hypermotility in the gut. 
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