Re: Feeding Turmeric to IR & PPID horses

Maxine McArthur

Hi Tori
So as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis pain? 
There isn't a whole lot in our files on turmeric (or its active ingredient, curcumin). It's not recommended to feed in conjunction with jiaogulan or Mov-ease. It is mentioned as an anti-inflammatory along with Devils Claw and boswellia, in the document on herbal alternatives to NSAIDs. 

I did a search of the messages (if you do the same, make sure you use two 'r's--ask me how I know, lol). 
Dr Kellon has commented on curcumin here:
See also this message thread from last year:  
It is mentioned that turmeric may increase insulin here:
and here (links to studies):

My take on this is that if you have a non-IR horse with arthritis, you might try turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, making sure you use enough to be effective (see the first two message threads). I did try turmeric many years ago with an older horse who had bad hock arthritis. It made no difference to his comfort, but he did quite like the taste. I did not like the yellow stains on my buckets and benchtops and fingernails.
However, given that there is a possibility of interference with insulin secretion, I'd steer clear of it for a PPID or IR horse. 

As always, I defer to Dr Kellon and more experienced moderators if I've got this wrong, or if there are any new studies out there. 

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