Re: Hay confusion


Oh Sherry that would be awesome. I’ve struggled getting hay since I moved here 3 years ago. I still don’t really know anyone here. The hay grower that I just posted the analysis from messaged me that she doesn’t like the layout of my driveway so she won’t deliver. My life is upside down right now and there is only tomorrow to get to PA now. Decided to do that and risk the fine.....which I found on one site is $300 max. Not sure how I will unload and stack it. But it will be a relief to have something here to feed. I so appreciate the help. This hay will only last 1 1/2 months so it would be nice to have a different plan. Is there a way to private message?
Donna and Caz


Nov 8, 2016

Chesterfield, NJ


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