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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Donna, welcome!  Thanks for fixing your signature!   :)

California Trace is an excellent mineral supplement, but it would be best if you have a hay analysis to make sure it covers the deficiencies in your specific hay.  Some commercial supplements come quite close to being ideal for many hays, and I know CT is one of them, but hay can be so variable and it might be that a custom mix is better.  I have used Amino Trace+ for 1.5 years now as I have found it balances my hay nicely, but this year I ordered a custom mix from the same supplier because it's actually about half the cost and it does an even better job of balancing my hay!  So custom mixes might work out to be more affordable for you, and better for your horse nutritionally.

I'm not familiar with Cosequine ASU and Tight Joint Plys, so I won't comment other than to say if you're looking for pain relief that is safe for an EMS horse, our members here have lots of experience and can suggest safe supplements that won't raise insulin levels.

Please do take the time to post a case history, otherwise it will be difficult to advise you on your horse's particular circumstances.

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