Re: FREE FECAL WATER SYNDROME - also WAS: Dr. K Blog On Hay Belly - Could Relevante Have This?


WOW Dawn, thank you for the heads up about Pro Elite!!! That is really disturbing to hear. I had my regular vet out yesterday(not repro) and she could not believe the way my mare looked. She said she went from a the picture of an  IR horse (cresty, fat pads, etc) to a completely unrecognizable as being the same horse! She drew some blood and we will wait to see what is going on. My vet said to wean the foal, continue with the Absorb All and psyllium but also suggested that after results from blood to rethink my feeding program. She really could not believe the amount of weight she lost & said my mare looked similar to a person who has reversed their type 2 diabetes but not in a good way. 

Thank you,
Dawn & Roma
Middletown, DE
August 2011

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