Safe Feeding of Beet Pulp


Beet Pulp is very beneficial for our horses. From time to time I see comments and concerns about the way it is harvested using Round-Up. 

I have fed it for many years, maybe as many as 10 years. It has always been the best way for me to add the ration balancer for each individual horse that best suits his needs.  I have two cushings and a PSSM2 horse.

I use Beet Pulp Shreds "Standlee" as is does not contain any Molasses. When I scoop it from the container to prepare it for rinsing, I am going to start doing that part wearing an N95 mask.   It is dusty and I have not yet begun the rinsing process.

The reason for this is a year ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I have no family history of the disease and live a healthy lifestyle.  I was very lucky to have it caught very early and I am fine today.  However, it is a concern what could have been the cause?

I suspect it would be a good idea to protect myself from the dust that occurs when I scoop out my portions for rinsing and soaking.  I would strongly recommend that you all do that same.   It will keep you safe from inhaling the dust.  Once it is washed I would think it will be fine to handle further.

Please continue to feed it as I have.  I do believe it is a good choice for our horses, just need to add this step and awareness to our daily routine!!

Cathie Y in MI 2020

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