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Kandace Krause

Hello Kirsten,  Thanks for the information, but it is almost too much so forgive my, likely, disjointed reply.
First, housekeeping-I went back to the wiki for message etiquitte but it was not clear how was best to answer.  There was sme mention of ansering through web, so I have chossen online.  Forgive and correct if this is wrong.

We have no access to pasture, but I have an area with grass where I ride horses down to and allow grazing for 30-45 minutes.  Due to Covid and injuries, this was more often this year than in the past, maybe once every three days?  Time of day random.  I have always done this bit of grazing as in competition horses are corraled on grass and I have worried that a stomach not used to any grass might be bothered by it introduction.  I have never felt this amount of time enough to be ptoblematic, what would you say?

"Masterfeed Frontrunner FR 30% Horse Supplement Pellets" is name off label of product I purchased when I asked for "VTM 30".  Are they not the same?  Is it a Canada US thing?  I may have used the name interchangably on my two case histories, but have only the one product. 
Label shows iron at actual 1,250mg/kg.  Label shows copper at actual 450mg/kg.  Label shows zinc at actual 1,210mg/kg.  I see no amount of magnesium listed on label. 
Will contact to see if a starch + sugar number can be obtained, it is sold as a supplement for horses not needing any extra calories.  Because of K's thin hoof walls I had been supplementing her with Greenhawks "Greenline Biotin + Zinc".  All supplements were stopped by veterinarians orders when bloodwork results were known.  Do you think this can be safely restarted?  or needs to be?  Is an excess of iron a problem for the IR/laminitic horse or also the PPID horse?

When K first went laminitic, both myself and vet thought it to be road founder caused, as toe was long, possibly for entire season with new farrier.  The first three weeks of her post diagnosis was on this assumption.  Then, as farrier was not making headway, we did blood work.  Could mechanical caused laminitis be enough pain to put this mares Insulin levels up?  As well as making the PPID numbers skewed so high?  My head is spinning with trying to keep the two horses and their progress straight in my head.  We are a week away from second blood tests, should I be asking for more tests?  Also will be trying to redo rads to see what if anything has changed with hooves.  As this has to be done "on Farm" the rads may not be possible due to flat land being pretty scarce here.

You write of a hay balancer as a person?  Is this the same an equine nutionist?  I did reach out to ARK Nutritionalist, Amanda, but did not get a response back as she is nearby and advertises that she does a farm visit analysis, including hay.  My hope would be to be able to compete with K again, but if laminitis cannot be controlled even to the amount of a sound riding horse, I am afraid I would have to have her put down as she cannot even be a pasture ornament for someone with a pasture, it seems to me.
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Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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