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I send my hay away for sampling each year. Once I get the report back, I send it to madbarn and they plug the numbers in to my online profile. The profile is kind of like feed xl. Its a spreadsheet based program that has basic equine nutrition parameters built in. Its not detailed enough to tell you what your iron/zinc/copper ratios SHOULD be for example,  but most of us know by now where our feed program should fall. It does comprehensively tell you the breakdown of your feed, including carbohydrates and amino acids.

So my hay this year was double in iron from last year. Last year I could supplement with the Amino Trace plus and it brought my numbers in nice and tight. This year, not so much. I tried adding other pre-made supps to the feed plan to see if anything else would work. Madbarn has hundreds of feeds and supplements nutritional info saved in their online database so you just choose one, pick a daily amount to feed and see where your numbers come out. Unfortunatlely since im in Canada and our selection stinks here, nothing was working.

So I messaged Scott for a custom. He asked me what do I want in my custom, and what else do I feed besides hay (which i already had plugged in to my profile) so I said...iron/copper/zinc fixed, a probiotic, and extra magnesium sulfate. He discussed this with me a bit and cautioned me on a few things and we came to an agreement. I decided to ditch the magnesium in the custom because I can buy it waaaay cheaper at my local feed store. Doing it this way was cheaper for me than buying a general vit/min and then adding copper and zinc on top of that. Plus a heck of a lot easier.

Hay sampling each year is way more cost effective in the long run as opposed to just guessing. It costs me $50 but then I'm not wasting money shooting in the dark when it comes to my horses nutrition. Also if I had guessed based on last years numbers, I would have been way off on my iron values, and we all know how destructive that can be.
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