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Hi all,

Just wanted to send another update. Vinnie is doing fantastic health wise. We are walking 15 mins per day and start 20 mins next week..

We are still dealing with the pergolide veil as he is still not eating his supplement bucket as he did in the past and I am bot giving him all the supplements he used to get because refuses some.   He is still on 10ml of APF pro per day. 

Based on how well his body responded to pergolide, I had this epiphany the other day that maybe he has been PPID this whole time since 2018  even though his bloodwork has consistent been negative.  He has just done too well body condition wise.  In fact, I feel like this week he got ever slightly cresty again and I attributed that to trying a small amt. Timothy hay that had more sugar, but now I am wondering if it is just more symptomatically uncontrolled ppid.  I was planning on stopping pergolide after seasonal rise, but now I am thinking I should keep him on his dose or maybe raise it slightly?  He is also getting CTB and since he falls into the majorly sensitive category I wonder if I should stop CTB because of the possibility of interference with pergolide?

I am also looking for new hay, while my current blue grass is low in s/s I am not happy with the iron and my gut tells me I need to mitigate all things that can be causing Insulin response so we don't have any set backs caused by "me".

I would like to get him in the uckele muscle eq to help with topline loss but, he won't eat it if it is in his mash.  I am already syringing, APF, vit e and HA because he won't eat them in his mashy any more.  So trying to think of a way to entice him to eat his mash better w/o introducing things that are bad for him.  His mash consists of a big cup of tc timothy balance cubes and a small cup of lmf low starch complete with his balancer, flax, salt ctb, chondroitin, wellpride fish oil made with a good amt if water so it is about oatmeal consistency. 

All feedback welcome.. thanks in advance
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