Re: Case History & Photos Submitted - Yay!! ~New Member Tailight & Sharon in New Mexico :)

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Sharon, thanks for getting a Case History and the rest posted! 

I believe Dr Kellon said with a post-TRH value as high as Taillight's she was likely positive for PPID:
Your equine nutritionist basically said the same thing.  The recommendation here is to do another TRH Stim after mid-December while she is not on Prascend, and redo the insulin at Cornell rather than Antech.  A value of 19 uIU/mL for insulin is not considered to be normal by this group, although it is not high enough to be alarming.  I'm not familiar with the units on your lab test of uU/ml but I assume it is equivalent to uIU/ml...

If she is sound then she can be ridden, especially if your xrays are not indicative of laminitis.  Despite a few trim issues her hooves look quite healthy to me.  I'm curious about the sole photos of her fronts: is that how she is naturally wearing her toes, or was she trimmed that way?  If it's natural that suggests to me that she is going too long between trims and that her toes could be brought back to match the natural wear.

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