Hay - As Sampled Vs Dry Matter Question


I have always been of the impression that when selecting/comparing hay, dry matter analysis values should be used.

However, since joining the group, reading some of the posts and if I’m reading correctly, as sampled analysis values are recommended?

What I’m confused about is, as sampled, includes hay moisture (read weight) and over time, hay dries down and in doing so, feed content per pound increases for a given pound of hay.  So if one is metering their hay, balanced against the dietary needs of the horse, is it possible one could over feed if using as samples values?

It would seem to me the worse case feed analysis is dry matter values and a potential/reasonable swag would be the middle ground average between as sampled and dry matter analysis values.

Help me understand as samples vs dry matter in reference to balancing one’s hay.


Bill J. in VA 2020

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