Tests are back - looking for feedback please

Judy and Bugsy

Hi All,

I wanted to see what kind of effect was occurring with Bugsy since all of the changes earlier this spring (Diet/trim/exercise), as well, it was recommended that he get rechecked for PPID.  We got in on the free PPID testing with Boehinger @ Guelph this October and my vet also sent the blood samples to Cornell (miscommunication).  If you recall, the results that we got back from Cornell in the spring indicated that the samples were mishandled. 

So this time, blood samples from the same blood draw were sent to both Cornell and Guelph. (ACTH: at Guelph was 6.4 pmol/L with ref range being 2-10; at Cornell 5.77 pg/mL ref range 9 - 35).    I'm thinking that Cornell's numbers are out again for the following reasons: a) the samples took an incredibly long time to arrive at Cornell  b) the glucose is out of the reference range and c) the ACTH is out of the reference range.  The test indicated mild hemolysis (60 with the reference range for mild being 20-60 units). So, I'm wondering if ANY of the test results from Cornell would be valid seeing as the lab believes the samples were mishandled?  If the mild hemolysis number is accurate, what could be the cause of it  and what can I do about it? (My vet simply forwarded the test results to me and there's not been any discussion on the results). 

Bugsy is feeling and looking good.  He took a rip around the field and pen this morning bucking and kicking up a storm (it's -29 deg C with windchill this morning). He's been eating well and no injuries.  He was dewormed about 2 weeks ago with Quest (moxidectin). 

I've uploaded the blood test results to Bugsy's case file and I would really appreciate an experienced person's interpretation of the results.  Thanks in advance. 


Judy and Bugsy

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Feb. 25, 2020



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