Re: Frog and hoof question


Thanks everyone for the feedback. Kirsten, I too have taken the HG courses as well!

Thanks for the info and will mark the frog based on where her frogs are at now (stretched) and then we can compare to the xrays.  

I will also take sole pics of her feet and post them. One question for Lavinia, can I give the issue with her LF at all that you mentioned about the heel being lower than the front half at this point?  I will take the break we back on that foot as well and post a new pic.

She has stayed in the cloud boots with socks and shipping boots most of the time. On warmer days when we had some warm snaps I removed socks and boots for short periods. Shipping boots are also removed when armed and no winds.  For exercising I have been gradually increasing the removal of boots for longer periods so will continue that. I am terrified about winter laminitis as last year she gave no indication at all of having circulation issues. I ride her one day and all was good and the next day she could barely walk. So now I am being extra careful with her and think I will keep her boots and socks on for most of the winter.  As well as will add a blanket on when we get to minus 20 and colder I think. 

Vet comes tomorrow so will keep you all posted!  Thanks again!!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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