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Laura and Ero

Hi - I received the following feed recommendation from Dr Kellon, but am looking for clarity on the monosodium phosphate sources and units of measure. 

Feed recommendation (background):
-Hay source #3 from options in case history
-Keep current flax, Vit E and salt 
- 2 scoops  Equi VM
- 1.5 teaspoons of monosodium phosphate 
- Stabul 1 as a carrier

My questions: 
1) How long will the above monosodium phosphate product from ebay last at 1.5 teaspoons a day? I'm trying to figure out how many bags I need to buy. Also, reviews are bit concerning (source and packaging). 
2) Alternatively, would Uckele's product be a suitable option?  The purity/concentrations are different (ebay product at 99.9%) and (Uckele product at 26%). Given this, I wonder if I'd need to buy/feed even more (making the ebay product the better choice?) 

Thanks for any additional clarity and help as I continue to learn. 

Laura and Ero

October 2020 | Colgate, WI USA 

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