Re: Teff pellets?

Shawn Gould

Hi Janet,

I can't speak to your question directly, but I tested the Standlee Teff pellets twice. They are advertised at 9% NSC. When I tested them the NSC was considerably higher, 12.6% and 13.6%. BUT THE ESC + Starch was 9.3% and 10.4%. So this seems like a safe range. It is really hard to say without testing every bag! When I was still looking at NSC I freaked out because it was certainly high enough to cause my horse problems and I thought it was the culprit. Now I am not sure at all. 
I contacted the company and she said the Teff pellets were a new product and I think they only tested them 1 time.  She steered me to their Timothy pellets and indeed I have tested those 3x and their esc + starch  7.9%, 8.1% and 7.7%. Impressive, I suppose and my horse loves them, she loved the Teff pellets as well. Hope this helps.

Dec 2020, Santa Cruz, CA
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