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Shawn Gould

Hello Dr. Kellon,

I sent the hay sheets to the above address. I also just uploaded Candy's most recent X-rays in Photos. She has been trimmed since then with specific attention to lowering heels and she is scheduled for another trim 12/14.

Unfortunately, Candy is off her feed. I can only assume she has some kind of ulcer situation going after all these months on NSAIDs. She is off them now, but only for a few days. Argh. Gave 3/4 tube dose of Ulcergard and will start treatment. I saw that I need to give it 2 hours before or after j herb, I beleive. I am trying to stay calm. She is on phyto-quench, but she is not as comfortable as I would like. She continues to tread. And is not walking as well as she was yesterday, so my plan is to start Jiaogulan tonight. I will be syringing that with the mov-ease 2 x a day and drop the phyto-quench. As I understand it interferes with the Jiaogulan, however if I should continue for comfort and give it at some staggered time I will do that. Please advise. I also ordered PEA, so its on its way if she needs that. Maybe, I will see her get more comfortable quickly on the J herb. My biggest concern is keeping her eating now. My feed store has the sample hay bags so I grabbed alfalfa and timothy. Of course  they have not been tested, but I was hoping to grease the wheels in the appetite dept. I am not sure what to do. She has always had a very strong appetite, but now has lost interest in her safe Teff hay and Timothy balanced cubes. She has rejected soaked grass hay in the past. I really should not be soaking hay because of my arthritic hands, but will do so in this emergency. I did giver her a pound of timonthy hay and 2 # of alfalfa which she ate. Any advise on this. I think she would eat soaked alfalfa, not sure about the timothy hay. Or should I just feed her as usual tonight and see what happens overnight with the one dose of ulcergard on board or should I give soaked alfalfa? I am not clear on what poses a bigger threat to her.

Thanks for any input.

Dec 2020, Santa Cruz, CA
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