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Oops that was sent without a message!  Sorry!

Thanks Dr. Kellon.  Hopefully her blood work comes back with good results as well!  Great to hear we are on track with the trim. My vet was very pleased with the rads and mentioned the same as you regarding the bony column alignment and sole depth.  She also mentioned I had about 6 weeks she figured left to regrow out the hoof capsule.  

I was wondering what your thoughts were on getting her back to work based on these rads.  So far we have been working in hand or online in the fields and arena focusing on big squares and straight lines.  At times we do have to do smaller squares as she can be full of beans.  But so far no issues with soundness that I can see.

Would you think we continue with the ground work and increase the duration of trot and canter? Would you wait a full year from her initial episode (end of Feb 2019) to do ridden work or wait longer to when her insulin dropped from addition of Invokana (started end of May and dropped to 200 when tested in July). Thoughts and comments?


August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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