Re: Riosa Rads would like feedback please


Thanks Kirsten!  I thought I had read the message string but clearly missed some of the info as it does state it will interfere with insulin.

I also noticed we should stop Biotin supplementation 6 days before labs and had a question regarding this. My biotin is added into my custom mineral mix from madbarn and not something I can take out manually. So to stop the biotin would one just stop giving the minerals totally and then just give those they we give for the emergency diet?

I really hope this doesn’t sku my numbers too badly.  Madbarn has been adding biotin to my horse’s custom blends for about 2 years now at least so I guess all the bloods I have been checking with my 2 horses over that time period would have been affected. 

Another learning moment for me on how much you need to stay tuned into the posts on ECIR and how things can change when dealing with managing our equine friends. 
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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