Re: Senior Feed sugar starch levels

Kandace Krause

Kirsten, again thanks.  Seems your my person here.
J has never had laminitis.  She is only just now not getting much exercise as the two horses have become so bonded since K's diagnosis.  Also an hour seems to be as long as a ride and her old arthritic joints can take.
Yesterday, day two of five minutes handwalking, both horses were acting dangerously while just one out a a time.  Seems more work needed there, lol.
I have not requested insulin test on J, the vet just took blood for follow-up so I thought that more expense could wait until her PPID is established as high outside of seasonal rise.  I should see those results by weeks end.  
As she has not had laminitis, I don't understand what is missing in CH?  
As she did fall back hard at onset of winter two seasons back, I have "fattened her up for winter" so my fault she is at 6 BCS.
Since I can't be certain what she eats for hay I am uncertain how much to bump up cubes and BP.  I have been waiting to see if she appears to be winning or loosing at holding weight.
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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