Re: Senior Feed sugar starch levels

Sherry Morse

Hi Kandace,

Information in the CH that would help us would be an ideal weight for J as well as a current weight.  That would help give a definite total amount of intake per day that she can have.  If she's a 6 at about 1000 pounds she probably should be closer to 900 as an ideal which would give you an intake of 18 pounds of day for her to get back to her ideal weight.  Looking at your CH she's not getting anywhere near that much so something isn't adding up there if she's not losing weight on the very restricted diet and that would make me wonder if she's IR as well as PPID.  If she's IR as well as PPID I would be more careful about what I fed her in terms of grain.  If she's just PPID you have a bit more leeway in grains but it's still best to err on the side of low ESC+starch.  Many senior feeds have rates that are in the high teens to high 20% range and those I would try to avoid if at all possible. 

Are you weighing hay out for both mares and just dividing the totals out for the CH info?  Looking at your other mare I see you have her listed as eating 20 pounds of hay a day so I'm finding that a bit confusing.

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