Re: Invokana side effects - how common are they?


Hi Alicia,
I thought it would be too expensive for our budget, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

The cost is going to depend on your dosage. We got our first month of meds from Costco. It was $630 For 30  300 mg pills for Finn. His dose is 150 mg so the 30 pills lasted 60 days. When Elliott started we also got the first 30 pills from Costco. His dose is 100mg and we got 30 100 mg pills. Also $630 but only for 30 days. Unfortunately I couldn’t accurately split the 300 mg tabs into thirds for Elliott, that would have saved quite a bit of money  

My vet ordered the 300 mg pills for Finn and the 100 mg pills for Elliott from a pharmacy in Miami. I was shocked that it was so much less expensive. Finn’s meds are around $70 a month (because 30 pills are divided for 60 days) and Elliott’s are $118 per month.  They are both ponies around 12-13 hands.    You can probably get it cheaper if you get it directly from the pharmacy in Miami  I’m quite certain I pay a fee for my vet ordering it but they said that was the only way they would prescribe it. 

The app GoodRx has a coupon which saved us about $30 when we got it at Costco. 

It has saved my boys’ lives. 
Good luck, 

Terri Jennings with Teeny, Finn and Elliott
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