Re: Urgent Vinnies acute mild laminitis

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Ok i have been thinking about my plan.....

1. Stopped banamine, he was getting 250# dose 1 time per day for a long time at least a year or more.  As Dr Kellon quoted Einstein in a previous post, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"... (is definitely not working for me) since he was getting a low dose i will monitor him to see if I need to wean off more slowly.

2. Tried pq, and Vinnie said no way.. so I am going to try the hemp joint from uckele as he will eat that but double the dose 2x per day for the DC. I have ordered cocosoya granules to see if that will be a game changer for PQ.
3. Added mov ease back and he ate that in his mash.
4. Adding pea 2500 mg 2x per day (starting tonight)
5. Increasing jherb by 1/4 tsp per feeding to pink gums. Since he is eating Glycocemic eq and laminox in his mashes I don't want to mess with  good thing so I am leaving those alone.
6. Starting a course of ulcerguard tonight 2 hrs before any meds/herbs as he was very tummy reactive during our last acupuncture appt. On Saturday and recommended I treat for ulcers.
7. Try to figure out a better pad solution for the left front. I have purchased about 8 different boots with bunch of different pads that I can try different cut outs... i have also read that yoga mats worked for some so that is in my list to try(yah I am may have some boots for sale or to loan out later :) )
8. Red light therapy daily 
9.  Centurion mini pulse on 2hz daily starting in a week when I get a better idea of his pain tolerance off nsaids.
10. He is getting 10ml  apf syringed in the am still and vit e in the pm, I dont want to syringe too much more...(he may boycott my presence:) I could add something to the vit e syringe if needed but I would prefer not it at all possible.

Since I am trying to give jherb in food as well as pea and mov ease should I increase the dosage or should i really be syringing these?

Still giving meds (metformin, prascend, thyrol)... 

Last but not least even though his insulin st time of testing has never been higher than 88 ans was last 42 should inbe considering invokana because of how high risk he seems to be?

Dr Kellon and all, please let me know your thoughts on my plan and if you think anything sounds incorrect?

Thx in advance Nan
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