Horse Down - Bute Issue?


I hope I am posting correctly and within the rules.  My horse ran out of Bute yesterday.  I had had been told it is counterproductive so I was going to take him off it.  Without it, he seemed very ouchy yesterday and earlier today.  I ran to the vet's and got some as an emergency.  He's been more than 24 hours without it when I gave him 2 scoops at 9pm.  He is currently laying down and has been for many hours.  He seems too worn out to get up or maybe too sore.  I am not sure what to do.  He cannot reach his water.  I handfed him some of his beet pulp and hay.  Do I let him just rest or try to make him get up (hate doing that but can).  He is a bit gassy too.  
Anne Leighty
Freeport, Michigan

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