Re: Frog Cleft Or Commissure? Is This Normal?

Joy V

Please don't feel horrible Lynn.  5 different vets and 3 different hoof care professionals never once mentioned thrush with regards to my horse.  In fact, my gelding was diagnosed navicular by 2 vets, when he in fact, had thrush.  I figured out what the problem was by looking at Pete Ramey's website and also located a new hoof care professional there, who has made an amazing difference for my horse. 

So my horse was too lame to ride for almost 5 years, due to thrush, and I never knew that was the problem.  Years of toe first landings only made his lameness worse.  He is improving every day, and has been totally sound most of the past few months.  Don't despair, the "butt crack" central sulcus absolutely can be fixed!  You're on the right path. 

Joy and Willie (PPID/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019

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