Stabul 1 vs. Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Pellets


I had my horse Rio on LMF Stage 1 for a long time, but the last analysis I saw it had over 1200ppm iron, (our water has high iron so I try to keep it low) and I wanted something lower, so we tried the Stabul 1 peppermint flavor, but my guy doesn't seem to like it anymore. He ate it well at first, but now he leaves some in the feed pan (and this is a horse that NEVER leaves feed), so I'm thinking to try the Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Pellets instead. Are they comparable nutrition-wise? Do you guys think he'll eat those better? Or will I need to mix them with something else / or try the Uckele sugar free liquid flavorings in them. Or should I go back to the LMF?

Thanks in advance!


Cari Johnson
San Diego, CA
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