Re: Question about Prascend


Hi, Jessica - Good for you wanting to help this mare! 

My recurrent nightmare is not having enough money, at some point, for Gypsy's pergolide (she is on 13 mg daily at the moment).  Merlin was on 20 mg, as was Maggie, towards the end of their lives. They were both full of beans right up to the end (Merlin was euthed due to kidney failure; Maggie was euthed due to a surgical colic); Both lived to be 35 years old. Merlin had been on pergolide for 7 years, Maggie for 9 years. 

I use Island Pharmacy at Shawnigan Lake.   Get the vet to phone or fax in the prescription. The owner then phones with name, address, and credit card number, and the pharmacy sends out the capsules by Expedited Post. I totally forget what 1 mg pergolide costs per month, but it was in the neighbourhood of $35. Gypsy's dose of 13 mg daily is $170 per month, which is actually less than 1 mg of Prascend daily per month.  

Merlin and Maggie (over the bridge), Gypsy, Ranger
Smithers, BC 09 .

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