Funny Picky Eater Tip

Kim Leitch

Bella, my IR/PPID Shetland is the pickiest eater I have ever had. I have tried everything recommended here, but nothing worked. I have been syringing meds and putting minerals on her hay for a year or two. I have to go through Bella’s dry lot to feed Grits. One day, a boarder called to me for some help when I was on the way to feed Grits. I set Grits pan of mash (including all minerals, etc) down in Bella’s dry lot, knowing that Bella wouldn’t touch it (she had some of the same mix in her shed). When I came back, she was eating Grits’ food! I moved her food outside, and lo and behold, she ate it. It has been three weeks now, and Bella is still eating, as long as the food is outside. It was raining one day, so I fed her in her shed, she didn’t touch her food. She loves her shed, eats her hay there and stands in it all the time. 

The point of this post is if you have a picky eater, try things other than what you are feeding. Placement, type of bowl, height, etc. 
Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

Grits and Dually: IR; Bella: PPID, IR; and Eeyore (deceased, but not PPID related)

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