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LJ Friedman

It seems at cabergoline tablets are very big  with nale bodybuilder s   So far, I’ve priced out 2 mg at eight dollars a day. I’m trying to find something for four dollars a day. The price exists, but seem to be sold out at sites Ive seen  . So still working on that. I’m not very excited to start covering tablets i.e. not wanting to be very innovative. But as a recap, I will at least try going up to 22 mg cp and test and decide next steps then. I am clear about the seven day washout pergolide if I change to cabergoline
if anyone sees 2 mg cabergoline for less than $8.00, let me know.    2.0 mg Cabaser  is how its sold
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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