Re: Vinnie's latest and status

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Nancy,

Based on the latest rads, both fronts have coffin bones that are ground parallel, with the LF having an even more severely broken back HPA. This is is going to be a constant source of mechanical pain to some degree and will definitely exacerbate the arthritic changes as well. There has been no improvement is this aspect since the last set of rads done in 10-2020. In the June 2020 set, the LF had good bony column alignment so the goal should be to re-establish that. RF has been problematic in all the rads, with no changes for better or worse. Both still have toes that are too long horizontally with sole depth that hasn't increased significantly.

Trims need to leave the vertical heel height alone while shortening the horizontal toe length plus moving the breakover point back. Sole in the front half of the feet needs to be left alone. Without getting the trim tightened up, Vinnie can't get out of the loop the mechanics are trapping him in.

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