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Kandace Krause

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We did decide this morning, that we are going to move the heated(by propane) water trough up to the shelter and that will give her the access she needs.  I think her attitide will improve at home with her paddock mate.  Unfortunately that means J will not get out for walks as K gets too wound up when she can't see her buddy.
I found a couple of great sounding boarding people who would do their best, but I work for free (LOL) and know what and when happens.

Hay not being soaked as you, Kirsten , felt all three were safe, except possible extreme IR needing below 7%.  The jury is still out on that, as we were down to 46.22 before this last lameness flare up.  K had blood drawn today for re-evaluation.  
As CH was changed yesterday to reflect more what was happening at clinic, here is a quick run down of her feed that I want her on, mostly ECIR recommendations but also I would request advise on whether or not I should start all at once or reintroduce slowly.  In clinic she has only eaten Timothy 2 hay.  She has refused Mad Barn Amino Trace + balancer, I hope because it was offered only on it's own (and it doesn'r smell good, even to me.)
18lbs safe hay
8 oz dry r/s/r BP (as carrier) divided
200 grams Mad Barn Amino Trace + divided
4 oz ground flax divided
1 TBSP flax oil  (for oil with Vit E)
2000 IU Vitamin E 
2 TBSP loose salt iodised/cobalt divided
5 - 7 grams magnesium oxide divided
I would also like to give her WIRX and G's Formula, WIRX for her IR but she has only tolerated at 1/4 recommended dose and slowly reintroduce G's formula as horse has had severe Diarhea for several years until she was started on this product.  She has been scoped for and small ulcers seen at line between squamous and non glandular stomach.
Drugs Prascend and Metformin.
Thanks again for your understanding of the frozen north

Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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