Re: GAVI is bad to worse ,Im worried and need next steps please

Tara Smith

Hi again ,ok just scheduled
-- xrays for friday ,my farrier is going to try and come a protocol of whats needed would be great.This vet coming is not who i want for xrays but the only avail so he needs detailed directions and isnt gonna be happy about it .His gum test returned within seconds,he is up and down but sticking to a small area.He is shaking in fronts when getting up and lifting legs in an alternating pattern .I took boots off for tonight to see if he keep biting at them .I cant get history up as Im not tech savvy and have a major issue .Id pay someone to help me. His insulin is 200 and acth /stim was 348 ,without stem.18.not sure how to send video.Still trying to get urine sample.I know gavi is a difficult case ,typically when his cushings up he then has higher insulin with pain ,thats his pattern.Does this mean the tumor is not responding or to soon to tell  and how much pracend can a horse be given and still  be supportive to the  horses disease.The vet said he can have metformin every 8 hrs is that ok?can I give laminox and the hemp blend along with ivonkana and  pracend? ..oh yes I remember we spoke about tramadol its very expensive with the amount he would need.Any cheaper more affortable ideas on that.also  I had a private consult with Dr kellon last year because I couldnt upload into case history   and sent everything to date to her .My farrier kathleen even cumminicated with her and said dr kellon said  trims were perfect.He is still getting that trim every 5 weeks without fail based off his symptoms. I HOPE THIS COVERS MOST INFO..NEEDED IN THIS MOMENT
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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