Re: GAVI is bad to worse ,Im worried and need next steps please

Tara Smith

Hi sherry ,acth was just done maybe 3 weeks agobecause he has been uncomfortable and getting worse not better out of fall rise and He gets puffy fat pads above eyes when Something  is going on an and starting.Before the fall.rise he was amazing low insulin for gavi ,low 30s and we didnt do atch with stim but watch regular acth because when its 17 or above we know he up tjere om a stim test .when its lower which it was we know it was down,and hes been as happy as a clam until now,well past few months ..we didnt have the best fall rise experience thos year but not anythong close to his worst.Should I order phyto quench or hemp blend recommend?Dr kellon also mentioned the tramadol which I may try if little risk with that..Thank you all so very not ready to give on on my fight for him  I pray we get through this...
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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