NEW MEMBER - urgent advice needed for IR pony in constant pain


Hi, I’ve put that I’m a new member as this is the first time I’ve ever posted (but I joined a long time ago - can’t remember when!). I have a Welsh Mountain pony who was diagnosed as IR 7 years ago. He has had laminitis on and off over the past 7 years (more on than off).

He can’t cope with any grass at all and despite being on a hay only diet (I get hay tested & soak it) he still has episodes. He went down with laminitis last June (possibly caused by eating Thunderbrooks hay cobs which I was scattering round the yard for enrichment). But he is still in agony now. Just lately he has been bad - laying down more than usual and his walking is terrible, even in his boots and pads. I’m feeling very desperate and am wondering if I ought to have him put to sleep - this group is my only hope. 

I’ve added photos of his hooves and his last X-rays - I’m sorry that his feet aren’t all that clean (water has been frozen and I thought it better to just get something up here). I’d appreciate it so much if someone could take a look at my case history and photos and see what you think. 
Jenny Comish
England, UK

Dewi Case History:

Dewi Photos:

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