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LJ Friedman

I had the vet out to look at jesses feet and the farrier was here as well for a 6 week trim .Jesse is reactive in both front feet but not active laminitis. The thought is that all the extra work is getting him wearing down his feet. Farrier said his right front that there’s never been anything to trim  because he’s always wearing it down from walking around, etc ie increased movement at new barn So I’m going to use the clouds while he’s on  the exerciser , at the walk only  , after a day or 2, and try and get some hoof  to regrow before i consider a trot regimen to reduce the insulin . I’m going to stop the Prevacox  gradually, and restart jiagoulan because I think jesse needs the foot growth. I did send some pictures to his case history file.   The farrier thought he could use shoes immediately. vet thought he wouldnt tolerate the nails.   farrier didnt agree.  i took no video of Jesse trotting very nicely   , ( i was talking with farrier when vet trotted him) I saw Jesse Canter around his pasture when a girl came on a bicycle,, he cantered very nicely. And his trotting  with the vet looked fine as well. Additionally, he is walking much better after his trim  at six weeks. At four weeks I will evaluate if he can go to six weeks or we should move back to five week trim.  I’ll probably require five weeks regardless.
thoughts on my plan??  LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

Jesse and majestic ‘s Case History 
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