Re: Invokana side effects - how common are they?

Tara Smith

I would also like to jump in on this topic.Gavi started ivonkana last year .He is a severe case IR /cushings .We started ivonkana last fall and all year his life has been changed a 200 level insulin dropped to 34 in 3 weeks .The comfort came within a week .We are having issues now because his acth is high and that drives the insulin up for Gavi everytime .We just did a urine test and glucose is still spilling out of his urine from the ivonkana ,so i know its doing its job.We are trying to get Acth down that will then  also bring insulin down for my horse.Ivonkana has done wonders for my beloved horse.Before my shipment came in I purchased from costco at 22 $a pill .At 1 point another member also offered me a borrow pack and then I just paid them back as they always order ahead. I would offer as well but ,im running low and new order can take up to 6 wks to 2mths How kind everyone is on here to offer to help.Have faith its gonna work its magic,and can be life changing so hang in there ,fondly, Tara
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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