Re: Invokana side effects - how common are they?

Jennifer Murphy

Thank you everyone who has offered to help with getting the medication - the generosity of the people here is phenomenal!  I did pay for expedited shipping, so I should have my Invokana by next week, Friday at the latest, so I'm going to just hang in there until it gets here.  I'm not expecting a miracle but I'm hoping for a better result than the Metformin has provided.  I was watching a video from 2015 of Flea galloping through the snow playing with my other mule, rearing, bucking, and just having fun.  I haven't seen that in a long time and I hope to see it happen again.

As far as the Phyto-Quench; I decided to just keep the powder and try it.  I added a half scoop to the mix last night and Flea wouldn't touch his meal.  My vet is concerned about Hyperlipidemia (I think that's correct) if he starts going off his food; it's noted in donkeys and miniatures, and him being a miniature mule, he's at risk.  She is adamant that whatever I give him, make sure he eats it all consistently.  I'm going to drop down to a tiny amount of Phyto-Quench and see if I can build it up. He did spend more time on his feet yesterday, so that's a good sign. 

Jennifer in NH

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