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Hi Sherry,

thanks so much for your response. I think I have caused confusion over the metformin, he’s not on metformin. He was years ago but I stopped using it on agreement with my vet as we weren’t convinced it was doing anything and it was really hard to get him to eat it. But if you think it could be worth another go I’m happy to try. I’ve not heard of Invokana, I will have to look it up. 

As regards the Danilon, yes he’s still on this - on advice of my vet it has been reduced a little more to 2 thirds of a sachet per day - I give him one third in the morning and another third in the evening. My vet also suggested he could have 8 paracetamol per day, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. I did that for a few days, but stopped as I thought I can’t carry it on long-term - or can I? Dewi is absolutely crippled, so he needs some pain relief. What else can I do if he’s not on Danilon? I just don’t understand why he is in so much pain. Do you think it’s all down to a bad trim and thin soles? 

As regards how long I soak the hay, I’ve only been soaking it for 12 hours for a short amount of time - usually I only soak it for an hour, but my vet said an hour was not long enough, and as I have been so worried about him, against my better judgement I listened to my vet as I am desperate to make his pain go away. But the 12 hour soaking has made no difference to his pain. Also a well- known UK nutritionist suggested a 12 hour soak would reduce the calorie content of it so would help with weight loss. My vet thinks it would be helpful if he lost more weight. 

Do you think I should I get his insulin tested again? I know my vet will want to do the post Karo light syrup test - and I know you don’t recommend that. I will have to be very insistent with them that I don’t want that done. 

As for the TRH stimulation test, the guidance I read from Liphook Equine Hospital in the UK, who are supposed to be an authority on laminitis, is that it’s fine to do it in December (and my vet said it is). It was quite expensive so I can’t afford to get it done again any time soon. If it is imperative that I get it re-done to save Dewi’s life then I will of course and would get into debt to do it. I’ll be honest though, and this is not a dig at ECIR, just a general gripe after years of having a laminitic, I am getting really weary of all the contradictory advice on laminitis and I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. I don’t know the pre TRH number - sorry if this is a daft question, but when you say ‘number’,  what number do you mean and should my vet have it? 

I will definitely do a post about hoof advice. Thanks so much for looking at my case history and starting the process of helping Dewi and I. 😊

Jenny Comish
England, UK
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