Re: Hoof Evaluation 1st time and UPDATE/HELP

Sherry Morse

Hi Tamara,

I'll leave it to Lavinia to give you specific trim advice but what jumps out at me is that he has no sole to spare, but it looks like your trimmer is still dressing the sole.  Until he has more sole it's very important to not touch it at all unless there's something Lavinia specifically has asked you to do with it.  Both of his front feet need a large trim adjustment with the right front being worse than the left.

Bloodwork - you want to make sure if possible you do the blood draw on a day when the temperature is over 50 and non-fasting - meaning 4 hours after being fed hay for the first time in the day if he's not allowed free access to hay overnight. 

Martha's already addressed the timing on the blood draw as well as your concern about the amount of pergolide per dose.  The veil effects every horse differently and some do experience a veil with each dose increase while others do not.  There is - as Martha mentioned - the possibility that PPID or pain could be effecting his appetite as well.  Which it is can be hard to figure out.   Were he mine I wouldn't do any more adjustment to pergolide dose without a test to see where he's at with his current dosage.

If you're asking about kidney function being affected by pergolide I don't think that's been found to be an issue with the majority of horses on pergolide - even at dosages much, much higher than were you are right now.

As far as the ribiness but still looking round from the front - I'd expect that's more due to lack of conditioning right now.

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